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Strategies to Become a Relationship Builder

How to build healthy, nurturing relationships with your friends, family, colleagues and most of all within yourself, without arguing.

Do you have a friendly, engaging and trusting relationship with yourself?


Do you want to improve your relationships with family members or colleagues?

Everyone thinks communication should be easy, but in reality it’s not always the case. Yet, good communication is the foundation for every great relationship.

This workshop will teach you how to become a better communicator, so you can build healthy, nurturing relationships – with your partner, children, colleagues, friends and neighbours, and even yourself! Having strategies in place to nurture healthy relationships on every level is important for your well-being.

Through my own relationship experiences over the past 50 years I’ve developed strategies to manage relationships in a way that has made life much easier and I’ve learnt a lot about communication. The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves – with our Inner Self-Belief System. The quality of this relationship determines whether we have a positive or negative impact on all the relationships around us.

The workshop will discuss how your ‘state of mind’ has a significant impact on how you see and interact with the world, and your achievements in life. You’ll learn that state of mind always reflects how you feel and think, and that happiness within yourself will make it much easier to form good relationships with others.

In this workshop you’ll also learn to:

  • understand what respect means and how to be respectful in all your relationships

  • make suggestions rather than be judgemental

  • be sensible, empathetic and appreciative

  • celebrate, and be happy about, the success of others

  • communicate without arguing; become a good listener and offer endless support

  • transform challenging relationships into healthy, respectful relationships

  • practice forgiveness.

Workshop length – typically 1-2 hours, depending on number and flexibility of participants.

“Genuine relationships depend first on a healthy relationship with ourselves.”

- Unknown -

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