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Group Courses

Courses to support corporates, leadership teams and community groups


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How to keep an audience on the edge of their seats and inspired long after you’ve left the stage or the boardroom. Do you say what you have to say?

This course is a series of workshops covering everything you need to know about becoming an awesome presenter and delivering a powerful presentation, not only for your audience but also for yourself.


  • Learn how to conquer your nerves, fear and anxiety to deliver with confidence

  • Learn how to plan, design and prepare a presentation, with a focus on outcomes and audience needs

  • Developing high-impact strategies like storytelling, analogies and evidence to gain audience attention and make an impact

  • Techniques how to deliver a memorable message long after your presentation is over


  • It’s hands-on, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practise speaking in a safe and supportive environment, both in prepared and impromptu situations.

  • Learn how to deliver effective online presentations.

  • You’ll learn how to stand out as a professional online presenter and how to keep your audience focused on you and your message.

  • Workshop length – 2 hours/week over a six-weeks period. Maximum 8 people. Comprehensive workbook.

  • Video recordings and weekly evaluations.



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What is resilience, why is it so important, and how do you know if you’re resilient enough?

Resilience refers to both the process and the outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences. It’s all about learning and understanding to have the mental, emotional, and behavioural flexibility and ability to adjust to both internal and external demands, life challenges and experiences.

It’s your ability to withstand adversity and bounce back and grow despite life’s challenges.


  • An introduction to Resilience

  • Supporting employees to see the importance of being aware and resilient requires a skill set 

  • Creating a resilient culture within the workplace by building resilience (like self-esteem and communication skills), as well as external things (like social support and resources available to you).

  • Demonstrating resilience includes working through emotional pain and suffering

  • Supporting employees in any way possible to build resilience

  • Giving the tools to release those limiting beliefs and exchange them for a more empowering belief system to build Resilience


  • We will support and assist your organisation by introducing you to our tools and techniques that will help you and your staff in managing resilience not only in the workplace but also in their daily life.

  • Our training assists in reducing stigma, increasing well-being and encouraging people to thrive at work.

  • Our sessions can be delivered virtually via zoom in a group session or individually or alternatively we can come to your office, which creates an even better learning experience.

  • The training in the room is designed for a 6-hour program (2 x 3-hour sessions, two half days or one full day).

  • Learning is interactive and involves a combination of presentation, group discussion, group exercises and individual activities.



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 ABOUT THE COURSE   Go deeper within your Inner world to be able to feel compassion, consciously, even toward people who may have hurt you. You learn to give and receive compassion, freely and truly experience Centred Relationships based on reciprocity and values match


When you know you can't ignore that whisper inside that says.... 

IT'S YOUR TIME! Your awesome life lies on the other side of uncertainty, of fear, of people-pleasing, of procrastination, of self-doubt. 


  • You will discover the cause of what has held you back for too long... and how to claim the life you deserve.

  • Conscious living is you moving out of automatic reactions that led you to repeat the same patterns of behaviour over and over again.

  • Embracing, with conscious choice, the path to your own centred self, even if it turns you away from the path you think you are on.

  • Go deeper within your Inner world to be able to feel compassion, consciously, even toward people who may have hurt you.

  • The program can be completed in 12 weeks, plus life coaching sessions in a group session or individual  


  • Your own login for your program

  • It’s an epic series of masterclasses including 12 different Modules,

  • For people who want to learn more about creating more self-love, deeper and meaningful relationships, reclaim their I AM-ness, establish healthy boundaries and navigate through tribal cycles.

  • It is meant for self-study, and the levels in UYQ are released on a weekly time frame to allow yourself or members time to work through each level.

  • Some of the topics are: Make what’s invisible visible, Meet your future self, The key of being lovable, Powering up your unique you…

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