Steffi August is one of the most inspirational, authentic and energising speakers you will come across.

Steffi's audiences receive a vibrant and empowering message by her entertaining and inspiring talk. Sharing her challenging experiences and keeping her audiences enthralled, her positive energy leaves audiences amazed and uplifted by her fresh approach, a touch of humour and positive attitude even through times of struggle and challenges.

Her story has touched many hearts but also gives audiences time to reflect on their own capabilities and a nudge to move forward to strengthen them and achieve goals that sometimes seem out of reach.


Participants go home absolutely inspired and motivated to take action straight away. The life changing tools, knowledge, guidance and support Steffi shares with her audience can be used immediately. She makes the impossible possible, to help you to achieve your dreams and start living at the next level.

Get Inspired! Take Action!


Prepare yourself for positivity — the Steffi August way! Steffi's drive is to give everybody an opportunity to enjoy life again, to be happy and to enjoy every moment. She pushes you through your comfort zone untill you realise your greatest potential in life and how to turn your fear into power.

Never be afraid of new challenges in life...

Steffi perfectly motivates her audience to help them to break away from the same old, same old insanity. She will show you how to discover the courage and confidence you never knew you had.

Engagement and interaction guaranteed!


Steffi's humour and straight forward honesty is the best way to get her audience inspired to take action. The energy in the room is just amazing, everybody wants to start doing and achieving, not wasting any more valuable time.    

Steffi's Most Requested Keynotes

Steffi tailors each presentation to match your group's unique needs.

These topics can be delivered individually or over the course of a

multi-day conference. Allow 45 to 90 minutes each.

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"The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public."

- Roscoe Drummond

Steffi August! The N.Z. Warriors management should employ her - what a motivational speaker! Articulate, inspirational, entertaining - the complete package.


Chairman Greenwood Park Social Committee

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Steffi August - Inspirational Speaker
New Zealand

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