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Start From Zero

How to energise and re-invent yourself and your business following the Covid-19 epidemic.

How has the Level 3 and 4 lockdown affected you and your business?

Maybe you’ve taken a hit emotionally or financially, or maybe you’re at a loss of how to move on. Maybe you just feel like you’re at ground zero!

The Start From Zero workshop helps you to identify your starting point after lockdown and gives you strategies to plan, move forward with confidence and realise your goals.

Are you really starting from zero? We’ll do benchmark testing to see where you stand right now, and the answer might surprise you. While you might think you’ve hit rock bottom, zero is still a long way off – it’s not as bad as you think.


Using Seven Guiding Principles, you’ll learn to make sense of what’s going on in your head and how you can train your mind to transform challenges into opportunities. The workshop will also help you to:

  • focus on what you can change, rather than what you can’t

  • find the power to break down the invisible walls you’ve built around yourself

  • develop a mindset of resilience to prepare for setbacks

  • set a clear path ahead while being flexible enough to change tack as required

  • learn to identify new sparks of opportunity in every challenge you face.

Workshop length – typically, one session a week over six-weeks. Duration and frequency are flexible depending on participants.

“Don’t be afraid to start over. This time you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience.”

- Unknown -

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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