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Learn how to turn 


challenges in life or business into

I think it’s the perfect time to learn how to overcome life-changing challenges by turning them into powerful opportunities.

I’m Steffi August. I’m THE Challenge Influencer Coach.

YOUR Mindset Challenger. YOUR personal spark of inspiration when you’re ready to turn your challenges in life or business into NEW opportunities.



My mission is to challenge the way...

    • you think about yourself

    • you think about your circumstances

    • you respond to your challenges in life / business 

You will discover how to break free out of your own mind prison, breaking down the walls created over many years. Discover that brick by brick, as you pull them out, the walls slowly come down. 

Creating change starts within YOU

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'How to turn challenges in life or business

into opportunities'

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I love what I do, and I do what I love. Supporting and guiding you to build resilience, helping you understand that each challenge is an opportunity, and showing you how you can change a breakdown into a breakthrough.

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Do you say what you have to say? Do you say what you want to say? AND If you don’t ask you don’t get. This is my successful philosophy. Do you want to learn how to speak up with confidence, impact and most of all to be heard?

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Inspirational Speaker

Are you looking for a professional presenter to WOW the audience at your next face-to-face or virtual conference or event? Steffi stands just 157cm tall but is a powerhouse of inspiration and determination.