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Meet Steffi August – your personal spark of inspiration when you’re ready to make a change in life.

As an inspirational coach, workshop presenter and acclaimed speaker, Steffi’s on a mission to show others how to shift their thinking and find positivity in their lives.

Whether she’s coaching one-to-one, running workshops for groups, or wowing audiences around the country, her message is the same: creating change starts with YOU.

Prepare yourself for positivity. 

"It's Time to TALK..."

Photo of Steffi August

Do you want more happiness, positivity and success in your life? Do obstacles keep getting in the way of reaching your goals? Steffi shows you how courage, determination and perspective can help you get the life you want.


Are you wondering how to re-energise after lockdown? Do you want to learn how to speak to an audience – in person or online – with confidence and impact? Steffi’s fast-paced, interactive workshops give participants the skills and tools to become more successful, be heard and understood and create meaningful change in their lives.

Image of Steffi August
Inspirational Speaker

Are you looking for a professional presenter to wow the audience at your next face-to-face or virtual conference or event? Steffi is an award-winning speaker who lights up the stage or screen with her personal brand of positivity. She’s a pint-sized powerhouse who combines humour with powerful stories that inspire audiences to take action.

Corporate clients Steffi works with: