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Success Stories

I undertook Steffi August’s Speaking Up with Confidence course in 2021 and it remains the most valuable and important training course that I have ever undertaken.

Steffi’s approach to coaching and teaching builds self-confidence and inspires her students to examine and extend their own abilities, and to overcome long-held fears. Steffi is encouraging and cheerful, and her teaching techniques foster a safe and supportive learning environment which helps her students overcome hesitancy and to achieve real personal development, while also applauding it in others.

In the two years since I completed Steffi’s course, I have used what she has taught me in various social and workplace settings and know that I am better equipped to handle unexpected or stressful situations. Steffi is a warm and encouraging coach, but also firm and unflappable. I am certain that her resourceful, determined nature and real desire to help others achieve their best would be a tremendous asset in the Department of Corrections environment.

I recommend Steffi August without hesitation, given the difference she has made to my self-belief and ability to approach demanding situations, and know that she would be the ideal candidate to help others accomplish what they might previously have thought impossible. - MARK HAMILTON, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Bay of Plenty Regional Council engaged Steffi August on several occasions to run “Speak up with Confidence” workshop series. We have no hesitation in providing testimonial evidence in our experience in working with Steffi and providing feedback from past participants. This is a collection of feedback gathered:

“I enjoyed Steffi's course and learned valuable skills like effective communication, confident body language, and speech structuring. These skills have helped me in various situations, such as presenting at work, speaking at social events, and communicating with people in general.”

“Steffi’s sessions were great. She knows her stuff. She presents in an interesting and engaging manner and is supportive and motivating. I would thoroughly recommend!”

“The skills I learned at Steffi's program have been used in many areas of my personal and professional life, helping me become a more effective and confident communicator.”

“Although I cannot speak about the prison environment, I can attest to the values Steffi brings with her wherever she goes.

  • AKO: She embraces a two-way learning process and values her students' knowledge and experiences

  • MANAAKITANGA: Shows respect, kindness, and hospitality towards her students

  • WHANAUNGATANGA: Fosters a safe and supportive learning environment where

    students feel a sense of belonging

  • KAHA: Encourages her students to be strong, courageous, disciplined and persistent

  • TINO RANGATIRATANGA: Supports autonomy and self-determination, helping students

    find their voice

  • WHAKAPAKARI: Inspires and empowers her students to reach their fullest potential”

LOUISE DOW, Organisational Development Programme Coordinator

I recently completed Steffi’s six week ‘Speaking up with confidence’ course.

Prior to enrolling in the course, I had put my hand up to speak at my sisters wedding. Being a confident, people’s person - friends were surprised to hear that I was nervous about speaking in front of a large group of people.

I can genuinely say when I finished the wedding speech, I was super proud of myself and the confidence I felt. This was all thanks to Steffi and everything she shared with us throughout the course. We were not only learning the tools for public speaking, but mostly how to speak up and how to speak up with absolute confidence.

Steffi’s enthusiasm and authenticity is addictive. She is an energy to be around and the world needs more of her in it! - MEL TAYLOR,  Collab Realty

Tēnā koe,

Ko Rik Tauroa taku ingoa. I am a Volunteer Support Officer for Fire and Emergency New Zealand in the Ruapehu District. In this capacity, I oversee and provide support to 11 volunteer brigades in this region. Additionally, I am a Station Officer for the Whakatāne Volunteer Brigade where I have been a member for the past 28 years.

I am pleased to write this testimonial for Steffi August, who has served as my mentor through her public speaking course this year. In my line of work, I am frequently required to speak in public and engage with diverse communities. Steffi's course has been instrumental in helping me improve my confidence, connect with my authentic self, and harness my fears to become a better leader.

Steffi is an excellent teacher with a unique style that motivates individuals to bring their best selves forward. Her course is challenging but highly effective. She possesses exceptional communication skills and has a nurturing and supportive personality that inspires others to become their best selves. Her innate desire to help others become who they were always meant to be is truly remarkable. - RIK TAUROA, VSO Manawatū Whanganui, Station Officer - Whakatāne Volunteer Fire Brigade

I just wanted to say another HUGE thank you for the help you have provided! I cannot express just how much the techniques you have taught me have affected my personal and professional relationships in such a positive way. I can say without any doubt that the rest of the team also thinks the same!

Thank you for also saying you will provide a further assistance in the future if we need it.You are amazing, and I hope that keep helping people and making the world a much better place!. - NAVIK D, Consents Planner, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana

I undertook a series of coaching sessions with Steffi recently and it changed my perspective on my life - in so many ways. I was. dealing with past hurts, trying to understand my self-worth and I wanted to create a future that I was excited about. Steffi's coaching took me on a very personal journey which challenged me at times, but always with the feeling that I was being heard -not judged, in a professional, safe and confidential way. After years of putting up walls, Steffi chiseled away, taking down each brick, each hurt, until I finally felt enough; good enough; strong enough; loved enough. As a result of Steffi's coaching, I now know that I have the strength - and the tools she has taught me, to push through any challenges and react in a different way than I did before. I have a clearer and more positive focus on my future with a feeling that I can achieve anything I put my mind to - overcoming fear and obstacles. Steffi is a very highly skilled coach who comes from a genuine place of integrity, trust and care. 
I would highly recommend Steffi's coaching experience to anyone and everyone. In order to achieve dreams, eliminate unhelpful thought patterns and to feel 'enough' - KIRSTEN RICHARDS

This course was fantastic! A safe environment full of encouragement to get me out of my comfort zone and prepared to speak confidently in any situation, at any time with any audience.

Steffi’s incredible passion for communicating efficiently or never missing an opportunity to do so comes across 110% in all her teachings. Thank you Steffi for helping me realise my potential for speaking up with confidence where I didn’t believe I could do so before!- AMANDA GUINN, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Toi Moana

Steffi August is a hugely talented and empowering mentor/coach. She has a unique ability to 'hear' between the lines of what you say, so she can help you dive deeper into finding the ideal solution for your problems. And she doesn't stop until she knows you have got to the root of the problem. She won't let you 'escape' with an easy way out. This ensures you receive your 'ah-ha' moment and everything clicks into place, to be cleared and room made for the new. It's amazing - the results are profound and they stick!

Steffi is born to be a mentor/coach and I know she's helped hundreds of other people besides me to clear old patterns that were keeping us stuck. She's a blessing to us all. I highly recommend her, you won't find anyone better! -  PAULA JOHNSON

Thank you so much Steffi, your energy is refreshing and infectious. The indispensable knowledge you have not only for self improvement but growing a successful business is incredible and I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with you. You are the hype man, rooting for your clients in every conversation whether it be zoom or email. I would still be brainstorming my business idea if I had not been in touch with you. You don't beat around the bush and say things for what they are, which again is a refreshing drive. I appreciate you and the time we've spent together.


Steffi you really gave me the boost to lead a successful life and run an epic business. I am excited for my future for the first time in a long time. I can't wait to keep in touch and share all the wins and losses as they all lead to growth. -  CAITLIN DUFFY

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