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Prepare yourself for positivity - the Steffi August way!

Great things come in small packages – a statement that is very applicable for Steffi August, also well known as the Pocket Rocket - bubbly, positive and full of can-do, all this despite her roots.

Steffi August only stands 5 feet 1 inch tall but is an amazing powerhouse of inspiration and determination, set to achieve anything and everything she sets her mind to. In fact Steffi has endured several challenging life experiences, but with healthy doses of tenacity and openness and unconditional positivity she’s learnt how to push through her fears and doubts.

Steffi emerged from behind the Iron Curtain in 1988, the oppression of the communist enclave of East Berlin, the Soviet occupied sector of the city during the cold war. Her early life was minimalist, structured and controlled. Three times she risked her life trying to escape to the West, but was instead ostracised from friends, put under secret surveillance by the secret police and lost her job.  She eventually escaped with her partner and young daughter in 1988.

Finding Germany too constrictive and rigid, she made another life-altering decision and migrated to New Zealand in 1996 – despite not knowing anyone here, without a job, without a visa and very limited English language skills. 

No challenge or wall is too high for Steffi. “If you are not happy with something, whatever it is, change it. But you have to be ready for the consequences, otherwise you won't have the strength to follow through. Change is a process not an event.”


Eight years ago, she found her passion for speaking and has since won a number of speech competitions, is an Accredited Member of the NSANZ and has won both the Brightstar Emerging Speaker of the Year 2018 and the Fast-Track Scholarship 2017.

Passion – Belief - Determination is her recipe of success and something she is determined to share with everyone.

Now she is an INSPIRATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER where she shows you that with with Passion, Belief and Determination you can tear down YOUR walls that are holding you back from creating a happy and fulfilled life.

Steffi is also the author of two books:

That's It! I'm OUT of here! Time for a Change

Keep it Simple - Affordable Family Meals

Steffi holds a Masters from the University of Positivity and Happiness and she wants to share her secret with YOU!

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Steffi August - Inspirational Speaker
New Zealand

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