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I'm Steffi August Self-Leadership, Mindset, Life and Relationship Coach.

Hi, I'm Steffi

Steffi August Self-Leadership Coach.
Individual, Group and Business coaching offering tailored Coaching for Goal Setting, Decision-Making, and Resilience Building.

Why choose me?

Because I listen. Because I’ve been there. Because I care.


I challenge you to become unstoppable while finding the ultimate you to live the life you’ve always wanted and to thrive in your business. I’m here to support you to move your business from good to excellent.


My life-changing experiences have made me the person I am today. I now want to help others to see every challenge in life or business as an opportunity, to become stronger and to live life to the fullest.


I have successfully coached individuals and groups from a variety of backgrounds. My proactive approach gets people to sit up, listen and challenge themselves to make a change.

We all have a light in us it’s only your mindset that prevents you from letting it shine.


As a self-leadership coach, I will help you tap into your inner passion and potential to drive change and create the life you desire and deserve.

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My Journey

The first 23 years and 6 months of my life were etched within the confines of Dresden, a city tightly controlled by socialism in East Germany. As a child, I blissfully remained unaware of the intricacies of the political system, willingly embracing the military-style conventions of education that surrounded me.


But at 21, a yearning for the unknown West stirred within my heart, beckoning me towards the other side of the infamous Berlin Wall. Escaping East Germany wasn't an easy feat; it demanded permission, and we were unjustly branded enemies of the state, and forced to abandon our jobs.


After enduring two and a half years under the watchful eyes of the police, we were granted the opportunity to leave East Germany. Given only 24 hours' notice to bid farewell to our loved ones, on our daughter's 4th birthday, we hastily packed our suitcases and embarked on a covert journey to freedom aboard a specially arranged train. We weren't allowed to take any money with us, but the fire of hope and resilience burned brightly in our hearts.

Steffi child Pic.jpg

Finally out and free, we found ourselves alongside other defectors in a refugee transit camp in the West. Overwhelmed yet determined, we embraced our new identities as "Westerners." Breaking free from the confines of our upbringing, we sought to live, not merely survive truly.


Munich became our new home, and with the arrival of our son, we adapted to this fresh chapter in our lives. Yet, a sense of yearning persisted, pushing us to explore further. With eyes closed, I pointed to the South Pacific on a globe, and that decision led us to the enchanting land of New Zealand for a Christmas holiday.


The allure of the "Land of the Long White Cloud" was undeniable, and after nine months of preparation, we landed in Auckland with our children and a container filled with our belongings. The road was not without its challenges, as visas were lacking, and my first English entrance test proved difficult. Nevertheless, we were granted permanent residency, opening the doors to a new beginning.


Tauranga, Mount Maunganui became our new home, and after four years of working as a trained chef in a private hospital, I sensed the need for change once more. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, I delved into massage therapy and bravely started my own business. Life in our new homeland was both thrilling and demanding, especially for my husband. But with determination and the support of a women's refuge, I charted a new course for myself and my two children.


As I wrote "That’s it! I’m OUT of here" and shared my stories, I discovered the joy of inspiring others. Invitations to speak at events ignited a passion within me. Further self-development training to become a qualified Self-Leadership coach empowered me to facilitate transformative programs, touching lives in huge local corporates, empowering individuals to "Speak up with Confidence," and helping them "Transform Challenges in Life and Business into Opportunities" through my "Your Mindset Challenge" program. Additionally, I embarked on a meaningful journey, facilitating workshops for prisoners, working with ten individuals at a time, aiding in their transformation.


In 2011, I was blessed to meet the love of my life, my soulmate. Experiencing unconditional love, life became more beautiful than ever before. However, fate had an unexpected twist. The day I decided not to travel with my husband on business, my life took an unimaginable turn. After only 3 years, 1 month, and 25 days of pure wedded bliss, my husband's life was tragically cut short in a devastating truck accident in Tokoroa, and my world shattered.


From that moment, life would never be the same again. Yet, amidst the heartbreak and sorrow, I came to understand that it wasn't my time to leave this world. I realized there was a reason, a purpose for my existence. I am here to make a difference, to rise above the challenges, and to embrace life with renewed passion.


My journey has taught me resilience, and I refuse to let my experiences define me. I am here to inspire, to uplift, and to create positive change in the lives of others. Life's trials have moulded me into a beacon of hope, determined to make a lasting impact on the world around me.

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