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Great things come in small packages – especially when Steffi August is around!  Known as the ‘pocket rocket’, Steffi stands just 157cm but is a powerhouse of inspiration and determination, here to achieve anything and everything she sets her mind to. What’s surprising is that her bubbly, positive, can-do attitude has continued to strengthen in spite of setbacks in her life.

In fact, Steffi has been at the point of “almost zero” four times over, yet with healthy doses of tenacity, openness and unconditional positivity she’s learnt how to push through her fears and doubts. She’s developed the strategies to be able to transform any challenge thrown her way into an opportunity.

In 1988, with her partner and young daughter, she had to rebuild a life with just $150 in her pocket when she managed to ‘escape’ to the West from East Germany before the wall came down. When she left her life in Germany to start again in New Zealand, in 1996, not being able to speak English and without the necessary visas, she again had to find the courage and determination to start afresh. She did it once again in 2010 when she made the difficult decision to leave her husband, and now, sadly, she has once more had to find the grit, determination and courage to pick up her life and move forward following the tragic death of her adored second husband, Fred, in a truck accident in April 2019.

Shitty things happen in life – that’s a given. The choice you have is how you deal with them. Will they be challenges or will they become opportunities?

Steffi is a shining example of how anyone can learn to overcome life-changing challenges by turning them into powerful opportunities. Now, more than ever, she is determined to help others learn the strategies she has developed over many years. This has become her overarching opportunity. As it happened, she was supposed to be driving the truck on the day of her husband’s accident but she had other commitments so they swapped. As she says, it wasn’t her time.

Now her philosophy is simple: “I’m here for a reason. I’m here to make a difference. I’m here to help ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives.”

What are the challenges in your life or business right now?

Are you ready to turn them into opportunities?

"It's Time to TALK..."

Steffi is a Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand (PSANZ) Award Winner, inspirational speaker, trainer, personal and business coach and author.


Her life-changing experiences have made her the person she is today and she is now helping others to see every challenge in life as an opportunity and to become stronger and more resilient.


She has successfully coached clients from all backgrounds, where her positive, can-do attitude makes people sit up, listen and challenge themselves to make a change. Known as the ‘pocket rocket’ for her small size, boundless energy and vibrant personality, Steffi is on a mission to share her blueprint for success with everyone she meets.


Check out her two books:

That's It! I'm OUT of here! Time for a Change

Keep it Simple - Affordable Family Meals

"I'm here to make a difference. I'm here to help ordinary people live extra-ordinary lives."

Steffi August - Inspirational Speaker - Tauranga 
New Zealand

Mobile: +64 21 258 4180

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