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Learn how to turn 


challenges in life or business into

Is it time for a change?  
I found my spark – Let me help you find yours… 
Your Ultimate YOU

Want to stop living life fast and start living life deep in a way that fills you with love, joy, passion, compassion and self-trust while living in the moment?

Want to learn how to transform challenges in life or business into powerful opportunities?

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The Action Blueprint for
Women over 40
-  Your Mindset Challenge

My name Steffi August, and "It's time to talk"...

I'm a Self-Leadership Coach.

YOUR Mindset Challenger.

Lead yourself to lead others.

Discover how to break free out of your own mind prison, breaking down the walls created over many years. Discover that brick by brick, as you pull them out, the walls slowly come down. 

When you know you can’t ignore the whisper inside that says, “It’s your time…”

The change isn’t by chance it’s by choice…

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and get the FREE ebook

'How to turn challenges in life or business

into opportunities'

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1-On-One Coaching

Self-Leadership involves understanding who you are, where you want to go and what you can accomplish.  Are you ready to identify the roadblocks your mind creates and learn to overcome them on your path to achieving what you want in life?

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Group Coaching

Discover how to break free out of your own prison, breaking down the wall created over many years. A wall made out of bricks, each is an obstacle and you pull them out, and the wall will slowly come down, you will then see all challenges in life and business as new opportunities.

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Online Program

Evolve from ordinary to extraordinary You’ll experience transformations in your unconscious and consciousness, you Inner Self Belief system. Life has new meaning for you, a sense of personal freedom. With specific strategies you’ll find YOUR Passion – Belief – Determination

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