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This book is designed to get you to the next level; to open your mind to what is possible, provoke your perception of reality and to inspire you to also be of substance, build something that is memorable and of course, profitable as well. Every reader will get a golden idea or strategy they can implement from this book.

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That's it! I'm OUT of here! Time for a Change

My passion for photography started in the darkest days – when I realised the importance of photographs to remember my late husband, tragically killed in a truck accident. Our love was magical, and I feel that there is something mesmerising in an image – which is how ‘Capture the Moment’ started.

Rediscovering joy, finding happiness in the small moments, and finding beauty in our everyday has been a challenge, but trying to capture life through the lens has led me to discover another side of myself. Making a difference with my photos, each taken with love and care, has become my passion.

After many inquiries, I have set up my own portfolio on REDBUBBLE where my images can be purchased on many different media and formats. Happy shopping everyone!