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Trailblazers (PSANZ)

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Professional Speakers for IMPACT– INSPIRATION – INNOVATION

The Professional Speakers Association of NZ (PSANZ) has collaborated with 21 of the country’s thought leaders and change-makers to share their insights with you. Each of the 21 chapters in this collection contain nuggets of wisdom. Behind every story and every speaker is a deep desire to help others, to increase impact, inspire and innovate.

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That's it! I'm OUT of here! Time for a Change

My passion for photography started in the darkest days – when I realised the importance of photographs to remember my late husband, tragically killed in a truck accident. Our love was magical, and I feel that there is something mesmerising in an image – which is how ‘Capture the Moment’ started.

Rediscovering joy, finding happiness in the small moments, and finding beauty in our everyday has been a challenge, but trying to capture life through the lens has led me to discover another side of myself. Making a difference with my photos, each taken with love and care, has become my passion.

After many inquiries, I have set up my own portfolio on REDBUBBLE where my images can be purchased on many different media and formats. Happy shopping everyone!