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What I can offer you

Discover how to break free of your own mental prison, breaking down the walls created over many years. 


Whether it's individual courses, group courses or coaching, I provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment where I will help you tap into your inner passion and potential to drive change and create the life you want and deserve. ​


Did you know there is a way to get everything you want in life – No matter how much you have struggled in the past? ​


Let's work together!

Steffi August Self-Leadership, Mindset, Life and Business Coach.

Individual Courses

Personal Coaching will

Power up your unique YOU​!

Steffi August Individual Courses

Group Courses

Corporate and Community Groups Leadership Coaching

Steffi August Group Courses


 Coaching will help you to Meet your future YOU

Steffi August Self Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching

Self-Leadership Coaching for Small Business Owners

Steffi August Business Coaching

Lead yourself to lead others

Not quite sure what you need?

Let's chat - Complimentary 30 minute

Steffi August Self-Leadership, Mindset, Life and Business Coach.
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