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Corporate Workshop

Welcome to immersive corporate workshops designed to ignite self-leadership excellence within your team. We understand the pivotal role self-leadership plays in driving organizational success. We tailor-make workshops to empower your team with the skills and mindset needed to navigate challenges, foster collaboration, and elevate overall performance.

What We Will Cover
  • Understanding Self-Leadership in the Corporate Environment

  • Strategies for Mindset Shift

  • Team-Building and Resilience for Teams

  • Strategic Decision-Making

  • Enhancing Team Communication

  • Business Strategies

Choose Your Workshop



Steffi August Speak Up with Confidence course


How to keep an audience on the edge of their seats and inspired long after you’ve left the stage or the boardroom. Do you say what you have to say?

This is a series of workshops covering everything you need to know about becoming an awesome presenter and delivering a powerful presentation, not only for your audience but also for yourself.


  • Learn how to conquer your nerves, fear and anxiety to deliver with confidence

  • Learn how to plan, design and prepare a presentation, with a focus on outcomes and audience needs

  • Developing high-impact strategies like storytelling, analogies and evidence to gain audience attention and make an impact

  • Techniques to deliver a memorable message long after your presentation is over


  • It’s hands-on, and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practise speaking in a safe and supportive environment, both in prepared and impromptu situations.

  • Learn how to deliver effective online presentations.

  • You’ll learn how to stand out as a professional online presenter and how to keep your audience focused on you and your message.

  • Workshop length – 2 hours/week over six weeks. 

  • Comprehensive workbook.

  • Video recordings and weekly evaluations.



Steffi Transformation Workshop.png


Immerse your corporate team in a dynamic workshop crafted to elevate self-awareness and reshape mindsets. Leveraging the impactful Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool, this experience provides a distinctive opportunity for participants to unravel thinking patterns, pinpoint gaps, and embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth. Tailored for corporate teams and individuals aspiring to elevate professional performance and achieve personal fulfilment, this workshop facilitates a profound understanding and positive transformation of mindset.


  • Immersive Workshop Experience designed to elevate self-awareness and reshape mindsets.

  • Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool for a distinctive opportunity to unravel thinking patterns and identify gaps.

  • Transformative Journey of personal and professional growth, facilitated by interactive and reflective processes.

  • The workshop includes an interactive and reflective process guiding participants to uncover layers of thought processes and behaviours, offering an experiential shift in perspective for profound impacts on professional performance and personal well-being.


  • Exploring the importance of mindset in the corporate environment and the journey towards self-discovery.

  • Techniques and exercises designed to increase self-awareness, helping participants understand their motivations, strengths, and areas for improvement.

  • Focused sessions to analyse the profiling results, identifying specific thinking gaps that might be hindering personal and professional growth.

  • Practical strategies and action steps to shift thinking patterns for better decision-making, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

  • Applying the insights and strategies to real-life work scenarios enhances effectiveness, collaboration, and leadership.

  • Crafting individualized action plans for continuous self-improvement and application of the workshop learnings.



Steffi Business Strategy Workshop.png


This workshop is meticulously designed for corporate professionals seeking to enhance their self-leadership skills. It's an empowering journey into understanding and mastering one's own leadership abilities, tailored specifically for the dynamic and challenging corporate environment.

This workshop is ideal for corporate professionals at all levels who aspire to lead themselves with greater confidence, strategic acumen, and effectiveness in their respective roles.


  • Participants will embark on an engaging learning path that prioritizes the harnessing of personal strengths and the application of strategic thinking in various business contexts.

  • The workshop provides practical tools and valuable insights to empower individuals to lead themselves more effectively, ensuring they can navigate the complexities of the corporate world with confidence and agility.


  • Introduction to the core concepts of self-leadership, exploring its importance in the corporate landscape.

  • Techniques for personal introspection and identifying individual leadership styles, strengths, and areas for development.

  • Interactive sessions to establish learning parameters, enabling participants to discover and think strategically. This includes understanding how to navigate various situations using a comprehensive and strategic approach.

  • Real-world scenarios and case studies to apply learned concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of strategic thinking and decision-making.

  • Tools and strategies to improve interpersonal communication, crucial for effective self-leadership and team collaboration.

  • Strategies to adapt to changing business environments, ensuring resilience and flexibility in leadership.

  • Developing personalized action plans to implement self-leadership strategies within their corporate roles.

Elevate your organization's success with a customized corporate workshop. Let's embark on a transformative learning journey together.

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